StraightFire demo on iphoneStraightFire demo on iphone
StraightFire demo on iphoneStraightFire demo on iphone
StraightFire demo on iphoneStraightFire demo on iphone
StraightFire demo on iphoneStraightFire demo on iphone
StraightFire demo on iphoneStraightFire demo on iphone
StraightFire demo on iphoneStraightFire demo on iphone

Bring your NFTs alive!

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Open a StraightFire account and connect all of your digital wallets. You can upload and view NFTs from 70+ blockchains and manage your complete NFT collection all in one place.

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Select the NFT you’d like to share, choose your favourite 3D stage, add your favourite music, and your NFT Story is done.
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StraightFire is the world's first NFT SocialdApp for creating and sharing NFT stories on your socials.
What is StraightFire?
It’s simple: we give your NFTs a stage to shineon, so you can promote them, make them stand out from the crowd and find new buyers.
In other words: We bring your NFTs alive. And the best thing is that StraightFire does all the work for you. Everyone can now become an expert NFT marketeer and attract tons of new buyers.
What does StraightFire do?
Download our dApp, create a StraightFire account, connect your wallet and you are ready to go.
How do I get started?
You create an NFT story and share it to your socials. How?
Simply choose a 3D stage, select the NFTs you want to promote, preview your NFT story video and with on push of the buttonsend it to all your socials.
How does StraightFire work?
There is NO FEE to use StraightFire.
Everyone can instantly use our dApp and share NFT stories to their socials. And we even do one better: when you SHARE, you EARN SFIRE.
Is there a fee to use StraightFire?
We have developed the first SHARE TO EARN model:  you share your NFT stories on social media and we reward you with SFIRE. How?
* We use an algorithm to measure impact on socials;
* We multiply this impact with the rating of the 3D stage that you used;
* The result is the IN-dAPP SCORE, which determines how much SFIRE you earn
How can I share and earn SFIRE?
We have developed a new type of FREEMIUM MODEL, where you can use your earned SFIRE to upgrade your 3D stages and earn even more SFIRE.
How can I upgrade my 3D stages?
Through Wallet Connect, StraightFire supports 100+ wallets, like MetaMask, Trust wallet, and Atomic.
What wallet is best for StraightFire?
No way! Connecting your wallet to StraightFire is done through the extremely secure Wallet Connect, so we can verify the NFTs you keep in your wallet on the blockchain and read the NFT content, for example a JPEG. We simply display the NFT content in StraightFire, not the actual NFT itself. Just like you would when using your NFT as a profile picture on Twitter.
Should I worry about the security of my NFTs?
We know that you want the best and that’s exactly what we are giving you. Plus, we SOLVE REAL PROBLEMS: 
* NFT owners can now promote their NFTs
* Reach to the masses and find new NFT buyers on web2 social media
* NFT floor prices rise and owners can sell their NFTs
* NFT creators earn more from secondary sales
Why StraightFire?

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