NFTs are emotions you own.


The first NFT Social dApp that adds utility and provenance to your NFTs and elucidates the true value of your NFT collections. View NFTs in one place, share them on social media, experience them in real life through AR, and sell NFTs on  your preferred marketplaces.

View NFTs from 70+ blockchains
in one place

Connect your digital wallet, upload NFTs from 70+ blockchains and view all in one place.

Connect the virtual and physical world through

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Experience NFTs through your mobile in front of the Eiffel Tower or in your home. Create an ultra-HD print or hologram and feel it in real life.

Invite others to view your NFT collection

Your own personalised, virtual environment. Share your secure link. Show your NFTs to friends. Impress potential buyers.

Browse our creator
and community spaces

Explore dedicated creator spaces. Express your view. Discuss with creators and users. Impact the future of NFTs.

Buy and sell on major NFT platforms and our in-player marketplace

Manage, promote, list, buy and sell your NFTs. All in one place. Never leave our NFT Player.
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NFTs should not just be stored in your digital wallet.

They should be shared and enjoyed by the world.

NFT Lab.

We help creators to develop original NFT collections and turn these into valuable IPs. Through our original and dynamic NFT collections, we constantly refine and expand the operability and functionality of the NFT Social dApp.

5 digital ox heads THEXII

Create joint NFT

As NFT publisher, we help talented creators turn ideas into never-before-seen NFT collections. We acquire original cultural IPs and match with exciting young creatives.

new IPs

With selected creators, we develop NFTs into new and original IPs. We monetise our IPs in the Metaverse and physical world.

Access to our NFT community

Our NFT Player is the gateway to reach NFT enthusiasts from all over the world and attract new customers.

Marketing support

Our multi-channel marketing support covers major blockchain and NFT channels, and digital and traditional media networks.

Gas-free minting

We mint your NFTs at the time of sale. We handle the process and pay your gas fee on Polygon.

Fractional trading

Users can buy a fraction of your NFT. Attract more buyers, retain part of your NFTs and optimise NFT pricing.

Technical partners

Our Investors